How Often Should You See a Dentist?

Going to the dentist is rarely anyone’s favorite activity. But routine cleanings and exams are crucial for helping you maintain your oral health. Even if you brush and floss twice a day, there could still be plaque buildup only a professional cleaning can remove. By seeing a dentist in Nashville, TN, on a regular basis, you can help lower your risk of developing decay or damage. How often you need to see your dentist can depend on a few different factors. After your initial visit, your dentist can help set you up with a cleaning and exam schedule just right for your oral health.

A DENTIST in NASHVILLE TN can help you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy

When to See a Dentist in Nashville, TN

Everyone’s mouth is different, and we all face our own unique challenges in keeping our oral health high. A cleaning schedule that works for one patient may not benefit the next. Although some patients may need a customized, as-needed schedule, most patients tend to fall into one of three main appointment categories.

Every Six Months

For patients who generally maintain good oral hygiene and have a healthy mouth, a visit twice a year to the dentist is often enough to maintain their dental health. As the standard for a healthy mouth, six-month visits are typically covered by insurance companies as necessary preventative care. However, it’s important to note that some insurance companies specify ‘every six months’ while others are ‘two within a calendar year.’ It’s important to know which your insurance covers so that you and your dentist can schedule your appointments properly.

Every Four Months

Many patients will need an additional cleaning throughout the year to maintain their teeth and gums. The reason behind this cleaning could be due to any number of medical concerns or external factors. For example, patients who have limited mobility may not be able to brush or floss properly. And patients with chronic dry mouth often don’t produce enough saliva to efficiently combat plaque buildup. This extra cleaning between their other appointments can help these patients maintain their oral health and avoid decay or disease.

Every Three Months

If you develop gum disease at any point in your life, you’re always at a higher risk of developing further gum complications. After a scaling and root planing treatment, many patients once again have clean and healthy gums. However, since the risk of disease is higher now, they also often need additional cleaning appointments to maintain their gums. In these cases, patients often receive periodontal maintenance cleanings between their regular appointments. If you were diagnosed with gum disease, your insurance may provide coverage for these extra cleanings.

If you aren’t seeing a dentist regularly, you’re increasing your risk of developing dental conditions. At 615 Smile Design, we believe that preventative dental care is key to maintaining a bright and beautiful smile. Call us today at (615) 637-2878 to schedule your first cleaning and set up your routine appointments.