Emergency Dentist Nashville, TN

Have you just lost a permanent tooth? Did you lose a filling or crown? Call 615 Smile Design Studio for care at (615) 637-2878. We offer emergency dentistry services to patients in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. Addressing a dental emergency is a part of preventative care and can stop the spread of infection, prevent further tooth injuries or wear, and help maintain oral health.

We will review what to do if you have a dental emergency and what we can do to help minimize pain and damage in our office. Emergency dental services are one of the general dentistry services we provide in Nashville.

Emergency Dentist in Nashville, Tennessee

Emergency Dentistry in Nashville, TN

There are several common dental emergencies that you can encounter in your everyday life. Knowing what to do at home can help prepare our team and ensure a higher rate of success.

Lost Permanent Tooth

If you can, locate the lost tooth and hold it by its crown or top. Avoid touching the roots. Rinse the tooth in cool water and then place it back in its socket. Gently bite down on the tooth. If you cannot place the tooth back in your mouth, transport it to us in a cup of saliva. You may also place the tooth on the side of your cheek. Keeping the tooth moist will increase the chance that we can reattach the tooth.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Have you just broken or chipped a permanent tooth? Immediately rinse your mouth with warm water. Place light pressure on the tooth with a clean cloth or gauze and apply a cold compress for swelling. We can provide a dental crown, veneers, or bonding treatment to cover your injury and prevent further damage to your tooth.


Do you experience sudden, severe tooth pain? There can be many causes of toothaches, from a tooth abscess or cavity to gum disease or a dental injury. Avoid biting the teeth affected by a toothache, and take a pain reliever at home. Then, call our office, and we will find the best treatment for your pain.

Broken or Lost Restoration

Have you just lost or broken a filling, crown, bridge, or denture? Bring the restoration to our office if you can. Do not try to place the restoration back in your mouth, as this can damage your teeth and gums. We will create a new custom restoration for you in our office.

Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

It is normal for an extraction site to continue to bleed for hours after oral surgery. Placing gauze at the extraction site helps form a protective blood clot and prevents painful dry sockets. It is also normal to experience residual bleeding a day after treatment. However, if excessive bleeding exceeds 12 hours, patients may have post-extraction bleeding (PEB). Please contact our office, and we can help stave off the bleeding and ensure that your extraction site is healthy.

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Do you have a dental emergency? Contact 615 Smile Design Studio at (615) 637-2878. You may schedule a dental appointment with us online if you do not have an emergency but require dental care.