Teeth Whitening Nashville, TN

Do you have one or more stained teeth? Is tooth discoloration impacting your confidence? We can help. At 615 Smile Design Studio, Dr. Kevin Sivaneri and Dr. Ashley Whetsell provide teeth whitening treatment in Nashville, TN. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can brighten the appearance of tooth enamel.

Whitening can also encourage patients to maintain their results with a good oral hygiene routine and regular professional care. Our dental team collaborates with patients to find the best whitening method for their smiles.

Teeth Whitening in Nashville, Tennessee

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

There are several common causes of stained, yellowed, and discolored teeth:

  • Foods and Drinks: Teeth can stain from foods and beverages like wine, coffee, tea, berries, and tomato sauce. Skipping regular professional dental cleanings can leave these stains on the teeth, and poor oral hygiene can also worsen staining.
  • Tobacco Products: Smoking cigarettes, vaping, and using tobacco can yellow the tooth enamel. Tobacco contains nicotine, a substance that not only yellows the enamel but also causes bad breath. Even using tobacco products several times can begin staining the smile.
  • Dental Injuries: If you have a worn or broken tooth, you may have noticed your tooth turn dark. Many patients with dental injuries have intrinsic stains, which means their stains are caused within the tooth. Dental veneers or tooth bonding treatments can cover these stains because they can not be removed with whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening in Nashville, TN

Our office provides a variety of whitening treatments, from Opalescence Go prefilled whitening trays to customized whitening trays and KöR Teeth Whitening. The Opalescence Go kit comes with an inner and outer tray. You will bite firmly and suck on the innermost tray, removing the colored outer tray.

The whitening tray will conform to teeth and evenly place whitening gel. For a more custom treatment, we can create take-home whitening trays. We take digital impressions to create trays that match the natural contours of the smile. Custom trays are simpler because they deliver effective whitening ingredients to each tooth.

KöR teeth whitening uses in-office and take-home treatment for the best results. The take-home KöR-Seal™ trays seal out saliva. These trays offer more effective treatment because saliva can destroy peroxide, an active ingredient in the whitening gel. We will also instruct you on how long to wear the trays for the most effective treatment. 

In our office, we will begin whitening sessions with KöR by isolating the teeth and applying a desensitizing gel. Then, we apply the whitening gel to each tooth. After 20 minutes, we remove the gel and repeat the process. While KöR offers more extensive treatment than other options, its sealed design and powerful active ingredients can make it an effective option for many patients.

Brighten Your Smile

Do you want to try a professional whitening treatment? Contact 615 Smile Design Studio (615) 637-2878. You can also schedule a dental appointment with us on our website. Please let us know if you have questions about your whitening options or the teeth whitening process. We will be happy to help.