TMJ Treatment Nashville, TN

Do you often find yourself waking up with a headache or jaw pain? You could have a TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joints connect the skull to the jaw bone and aid in biting and chewing. Injury or stress to these joints causes TMJ disorders. Patients with TMJ disorders often feel jaw pain, clench or grind their teeth or experience frequent headaches.

At 615 Smile Design Studio, we offer TMJ treatment for patients in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. We can restore smile function and comfort with custom nightguards. TMJ treatment is a restorative dentistry treatment we provide to patients in Nashville.

Treat TMJ in Nashville, Tennessee

Signs of TMD

There are many symptoms of TMJ disorders:

  • Pain or tenderness in the face and jaw
  • Difficulty biting and chewing hard foods
  • Teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism)

Please contact our office if you notice any of these symptoms. Patients with crooked, misaligned, or overcrowded teeth are more likely to develop bite problems like TMD. An unbalanced bite places pressure on different areas of the smile, leading to symptoms like clenching, grinding, and jaw pain. We can help you address your TMJ problems to prevent further tooth wear and eliminate tension.

TMJ Treatment in Nashville, TN

Custom nightguards or occlusal splints are a great option for patients who experience teeth clenching and grinding because of TMD. Our dental office works with local dental laboratories to create a custom nightguard that covers the top or bottom teeth. Wearing a custom-made nightguard prevents tooth wear and alleviates pressure from the TMJ.

Store-bought boil-and-bite mouthguards are typically made of more flexible plastic that can encourage patients to chew on their oral appliances. Professionally-made acrylic mouthguards can decrease pressure on the jaw and minimize migraines and headaches.

Dr. Whetsell can provide Botox treatment to address TMD headaches, migraines, and orofacial pain. She injects Botox in key areas of the face to relax the facial muscles. Relaxing the facial muscles can help stop TMD pain.

We may also recommend TMD patients make physical therapy appointments. During physical therapy, patients learn exercises to improve their posture and relieve tension in their back, neck, shoulders, and arms. Sticking to a soft diet for multiple weeks can also alleviate jaw pressure.

Call Our Dental Office

Do you think you may have TMD? Request a dental appointment with us online or contact 615 Smile Design at (615) 637-2878. Please let our team know if you have any questions about TMJ treatment, and they will be glad to help.