Clean Dentures for Better Oral Health

Dentures are a type of tooth replacement for missing teeth. Made of resin, porcelain, and metal, your dentist will custom-make these appliances to fit your mouth perfectly. Dentures can restore the look and function of your smile after losing some or all of your teeth. Unlike other replacement options, you can remove dentures. This means that you must take special care of this appliance. 

If you keep your dentures clean, you can keep your oral health in check. The cleaner your dentures, the healthier your mouth will be. 

Dentures soaking in a clear glass of water. Singular hand is holding the glass of water dentures restorative dentistry dentist in Nashville Tennessee

Clean Your Dentures Daily

Just like your teeth, plaque can build on the surfaces of your dentures. While dentures cannot decay like teeth, the plaque buildup can still put your health at risk. One reason for this is that anything that goes in your mouth has the ability to affect your health, including bacteria. 

If you don’t clean your dentures, the bacteria in your mouth will multiply. This bacteria can travel to other places in your body, including your lungs. You can breathe in the bacteria, increasing your chances of developing a respiratory infection like pneumonia. 

Therefore, it is essential for you to clean your dentures every day. On top of health implications, lack of oral care with dentures can affect your gums. Your gums can still experience decay if you have dentures. With excess plaque, your gums can deteriorate, affecting your bones. 

Soak Your Dentures Nightly

Every night, you have to take your dentures out of your mouth. This is because your jaw needs a break from wearing dentures. If you wear them too much, you can develop sores in your mouth, which can lead to an infection. Also, it can make wearing your dentures painful. 

Although wearing dentures is essential to keep your mouth healthy and supported, wearing them too often can have the opposite effect. Your gums and jaws need the stimulation from dentures or teeth to stay healthy. Otherwise, your gums and jawbone can deteriorate. 

When you take your dentures out, it is vital to soak them. Dentures must stay moist in order to remain healthy. If you do not place them in water or a soaking solution, your dentures can dry out. This can affect the way your dentures fit in your mouth. Additionally, this may cause an increase in bacteria. Therefore, you must keep your dentures moist. 

Avoid Abrasive or Harsh Chemicals

When you clean your dentures, make sure that you avoid using abrasive or harsh materials. Abrasive chemicals can leave small scratches across the surface. Unfortunately, this can leave space for bacteria to grow and thrive. 

In addition, you should avoid using harsh chemicals. This is because you must put your dentures in your mouth after cleaning them. Harsh chemicals can damage your dentures and make you sick. Some chemicals can leave sores in your mouth or burn your throat. 

Also, be sure not to use hot water to clean your dentures. This can warp the shape of your dentures, making them uncomfortable.